March 17, 2013


I haven't forgotten about this blog.
Just taking a break.
I'll be back soon.
There are so many areas of my life where I am just feeling overwhelmed, and something had to this is what I gave up, but only for a while.
I thought I would it least update a few photos of what has been going on in our lives over the past few months. We are keeping busy and having lots of fun. We are enjoying time with family and friends, and with so much social media, ie: Facebook, Instagram, is hard to keep up on everything.
I am going to try and it least blog once a month, and maybe more often depending on the circumstance.

I almost feel like I got burnt out after two years of keeping up on our blog and also Robert's mission blog. I do still try to keep up on our friends blogs, and sites where I find topics of interest, etc..but I don't even do that on a daily basis anymore. But please know that I do think of you often and I check in to see how you are doing. xoxo
(Sorry for the quality of some of the pictures...I didn't have the time to go in and do any editing, etc)

 I think I have finally figured out how to make wheat bread.
And my family loves it!
 So much fun going and watching our friends play basketball!
It's a great way to spend a Saturday morning!
 Finally got the house clean....
and it stayed that way for one whole day!
 Saturday afternoon with the boys...
Bowling and lunch at Costa Vida (one of our favorites!)
 A Saturday night at ESA watching the JAZZ...
and they won!
 Christian, Monson, and Brian...being BOSS!
 ESA...the JAZZ
 Mikayla, Brian, and Monson...
love these kids...
they sure make us laugh!
 Saturday nights are now filled with Indoor Soccer.
Love Jordan...and Robert
Go Stripe!!!
 So glad to be friends with these two amazing people!
Angelique and Mikayla
 Monson playing in the store windows at Park City
 I've spent a lot of time organizing and working
Things are looking up, but a ways to go still
 Also, this little guy,
Rylie, had his second birthday!
Can't believe he is two!!!
 Wonderful nights spent at the temple with my honey.
So glad we have one nearby.
 Robert and Serina.
Always laughing and smiling.
Two wonderful kids!
So as you see...we are keeping busy...and having fun.
See you soon!

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