October 29, 2011


I am so excited for Brian!!! I think I wrote a few weeks back about a basketball private league team that he tried out for and made the team, but it was $1300 and we ended up saying no. He was so upset that day...well...yesterday was a GREAT day!!!

There have been basketball tryouts at the jr high for the past week. And anyone who reads this blog knows that Brian is happiest with a ball in his hands, but especially a basketball! There are two teams..the A and B teams, the A team usually being the better players. The coaches are from the high school, and basically this is like a prep for possibly playing in high school.

Brian has felt a lot of stress this week with try outs. Usually he lets us go and watch him play, but not this time, not even once! I think he didn't want us to make him more nervous because he already felt so much stress and pressure from himself. Any way...tryouts were done on Thursday and the results were posted yesterday!

Yay for Brian!!!! He made the A team with some of him best friends!! He is so psyched!!!  And we are so happy for him! I must admit it, I have missed watching him and the boys play. I'm looking forward to busy schedules and basketball practices and games!

Congratulations Brian!

We told him if he made the team that we would get him new basketball shoes. This is what he has been dreaming of at night, and now he has a pair of them... Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011! Thank goodness the store had a size 12! What the heck...who has a foot that big???  Brian does!

So, let the season begin...and let's play ball!


Texas Boy + SLC Girl said...

YEAH!!! I LOVE a good Basket ball game! My favorite sport to watch.

Jamie said...

Great kid, cool shoes! Congrats!!!

Michelle said...

I am so, so happy for Brian! Hurray!

And oh boy, if he wears a size 12 at age 13 you are in trouble mama! You'll be mailing size 14s to him on his mission.

love you. m