March 16, 2011


Well...I don't have much time to write...but just a quick update...

HCG-lost about 3-4 lbs but got sick and so Gio made me stop. It doesn't agree with me...and my doctor doesn't like it at I'm off of it. I guess I'll have to do things the hard way.

Basketball is going great for Brian. We have practice and games all week we stay busy with that. He is doing a great job and has improved so much since October when the season started!

Robert is doing well in Raveanna. Yeah...he was only in Milano for one transfer (6 weeks). He is struggling right now with his companion, who is very "trunkie" and ready to go Robert is learning to endure. And he says that he has a greater love and appreciation for the Book of Mormon. Go here to read his blog. He sent us a bunch of pictures...and I posted a few on his blog.

Here are a few pictures of the boys! Sure do love them both!!

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