November 19, 2010


We got an email from Robert! It was great. Every time I read his letters I think WOW! That kid is changing and growing so much. I'm so proud of him! Can't wait until Christmas to talk to him!
Yesterday my SIL had to have emergency surgery to have her gallbladder taken out. She had been in a lot of pain for several weeks.  I think she will feel much better now! The surgery went well and she should come home today. Man...when she is high on pain meds and just comes out of! If you want a good laugh, hang out with her! I won't reveal to much..but I knew she liked to have parties and have fun...and whatever she was on last night...I want some too!
Saw my brother and his future wife for the first time since July. Did I mention that we became FB friends a few days ago. Just a feeling that I had. That seemed to be going okay, but when I heard they were at the hospital I was a bit nervous. It went much better than I thought it would. WOW! I'm glad too. I may not agree with him, and he may not agree with me...but in the end, we are family, right? It was the first time in years that I didn't feel overly stressed about being around him. Maybe we both are finally changing and growing up some. Who knows, who cares. It was good! And that is the main thing! He invited us to the reception...I was surprised, but glad.
One thing I learned last night...again! Follow the promptings of the spirit. Act when you are impressed to do something. It may seem dumb, but in the end, it is always the right thing to do. The spirit will never lead you astray. Glad I listened, for a change.

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