November 17, 2010


Today I celebrated my birthday early by going to the doctor and having a physical. Oh what joy! I think I would rather sit in the dentist chair (and I can tell you that I don't love the dentist either!!!). A physical is just something that we as women aren't to fond of, but it is something necessary. So..I went. And it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...however, I don't want to do it again for a while.
I got a pretty good bill of health I suppose...I've lost about 15 lbs and that is a good thing! I've shrunk 1/2 an inch...not a good thing! No wonder Brian seems taller. My eyesight is 20/20 with my glasses...don't ask what it is without them, I couldn't read the board! Blood pressure is good, cholesterol is good, I'm a bit anemic, so I'm on iron pills for a while, yuck! They have a terrible after-taste!! And I have to have a mole removed off my shoulder that the Dr didn't like. I have to wear compression hose around the house (when I work)...and I have to go take some echo-stress test, and some blood work. And he told me that I'll probably need surgery on my knee. I have a meniscus problem that won't go after the holidays off to the specialist I go! My mom was right! It is heck to get old! But my goal for the end of the summer is to hike Y mountain, and go to Timp Caves! So I better get training! If this bum knee will let me. Pool walking he suggests! Does anyone have a water proof iPod????
The other fun/exciting thing...We got a phone call today and Brian has been asked to play on a competition basketball team! He was way excited. We had just signed him up for Jr Jazz, and he is going to try and do both, but I think it will be a busy 3 months again!! For this new team he has practice on Tues and Thur nights, and games on Saturday's and maybe a few tournaments. For Jr Jazz there will be one practice a week and games on Saturday as well. Hopefully they won't conflict to much one with another! We shall see!!!
And can I just tell you that basketball shoes aren't cheep! Little did I know that I would be going out today to spend $$$ for shoes, for Brian! That kid wears a size 12 in shoes and he is only 12 yrs old!!! He is going to bankrupt me if his feet get to much bigger! Even Robert only wears and 11 and Gio a 10! Oh well....what can I do about it? Nothing, so I just live with it!
I remember when Robert was in 7-8 grade he played on 2/3 teams for basketball, and it seems that we are on round two! Oh little did I know this would be coming! But it is okay! It keeps us on our toes! And Brian LOVES basketball, and so do we, so it will be a fun season.
No emails today from Robert! First week in 8 1/2 months to not get one! But we knew that he had some trainings going on, so I'm not to worried about him. I just miss him more...but it's okay. I know that he has training next week, I hope that we will hear from him then! He has been gone 260 days/37 weeks!
The time has gone by so fast, I really can't believe it! We will get to talk to him in about a month! On Christmas day! I can't wait! He is doing so well, and seems so happy! I am so proud of him!

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Cristy said...

I need to get a physical soon I think. It's that time in my life I guess. Sigh... Glad you got in! And I think it's amazing that this is (Well really wasn't) the first time he missed a week. Mama raised that boy right! Can't believe about all those sports! AHHHHH!