November 15, 2010


For only having one kid at home we sure do have a crazy busy life.
The past three months have been full of football practices 3 times a week and games once a week. Parties and activities at school and church. Homework, sleepovers, birthday parties, campouts. work, church callings and meetings, car problems, emails, sending Christmas to Italy for Robert, computer problems, holidays, and what ever else life throws at us.
I really did think things would slow down some only having one kid at home but that is not the case. If anything it seems busier than before. I think that is because Robert isn't around to help be the taxi or go to some of these activites with Brian and so it is just us. Not that I mind in anyway...I'm just surprised how much time one kid can take. What do families that have 5 kids do??? I also think I just forgot how busy a "TWEEN" can be. But I love it and I'm so glad that Brian is around!
Last week the PHS Bulldogs 6tyh graders won the Championship game! 19-2! We slaughtered Timponogos. It was a great game, but FREEZNG cold. I am so thankful that football is done! Now we have a break until January when basketball starts!

This past week at school was D.A.R.E. graduation. It is a program that teaches the kids about drugs and alcohol and decision making, etc. It is a great program and I'm glad they have 6th graders participate. It is something that they will come into contact with pretty soon if they already haven't.

Also this past week Giovanni bought me an early B-day/Christmas/Anniversary present. That man sure does spoil me! I have been wanting a KitchenAid mixer for a long time...but they are so gosh darn expensive and between the two of us loosing jobs over the past two year, surgery for Robert's finger, mission expenses, and other things for Brian and Robert the money just hasn't been there for something like a mixer. Well...I found a killer deal on one, and it was way to good to pass we didn't. It is more like a car than anything else. It is a KitchenAid HD 550 Professional lift mixer, and red....I will have to take a picture to post. He also bought me a pizza stone and paddle. So this weekend I did some baking/cooking and loved it!! I made some greek cookies that mom use to make along with a sour cream pound cake that was delicious! But my biggest and best achievement was bread. And not just any bread, but Italian bread that has the crunchy outside and soft inside. I will have to tweek the recipe just a bit...Gio wants more salt in it...and the cooking temperature. But I'm getting there! One day this week I'm going to attempt pizza and see how that goes.

Also I am so excited because this weekend for my actual birthday I'm going to "Time Out For Women". It is a conference for women put on by Deseret Book. What is even more exciting is I'm going with a missionary companion from 22 yrs ago, Natalee. We are going to stay up in SLC over night. (Thanks to great discounts with Jet Blue.) I'm so looking forward to it!

And another exciting thing that has happened....we got tickets to THIS. I am so excited. We usually try to do something special and fun for Christmas and this year it is going to be great! I love American Idol and loved this guy so it will be a fun night!

So...this is just a sample of our crazy busy life....along with the normal things like housework, laundry, cooking meals, paying bills,  etc.

Totally off subject:

I saw one of my friends posts where she talked about ignoring her mother's advice for almost 11 years about picking up your house at night before you go to bed, so that when you wake up in the morning you can get a head start on the day.
Oh how true this is! When I leave everything a mess and go to bed I am such a cranky person in the morning because I have to start out by picking things up before I can get started on the day. I have learned that it is so much easier and quicker if I do it the night before.  Then I'm happy when I get up and I can get into the day and what needs to be done.
I suppose it helps with the crazy busy life a bit.


Also...tomorrow is p-day for we get email a day early this week. They have some training thing or something. What ever the reason, I'm just happy to not have to wait until Wednesday! I sure do miss that boy. It is especially hard around the holiday's because I would love for him to be here with us. This is the first Christmas that we won't be together as a family. I guess I better get use to it because he will grow up and have his own family someday, and the same with Brian. I guess we just want to keep our children little as long as possible. But someday there will be the grandkids! Can't wait for that! And oh....if there are grand daughters....watchout! That is Gio's dream!!!!

Well....time to get back to my busy crazy life.

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Jamie said...

It's amazing how busy kids are. Already I feel like a chauffeur, I can't imagine what the 'tween' - teen years brings me. lol
And congrats on your Kitchen Aid! And I love red! How fun!!!