November 30, 2009

Football, Football, and More Football

I guess football is what I get for living with all boys. This past week we have had our fill of it. Though I must admit that in the middle of it all they came with me to see New Moon. I can't say that I loved the movie, however it was much better than the first one. It was my birthday date. Kourtney came with us and we ate at Tucano's (gotta love coupons!) then off to the movie! It was a fun birthday and we had a great time!
The day before we went to go see the football movie Blindside! It was amazing. We all loved it. I love it when the movie is a true makes it even better.
Then it was the week of Thanksgiving. I hate to say it, but I have no pictures of my birthday or of our friends or family where we spent a wonderful day. It is such a blessing to have wonderful friends and to spend the holidays with them. It was a treat. The first time in 5 years that I haven't been the host for the big dinner with all my family (this year everyone did their own thing). It was nice and so stress free!
And of course, there was football! The annual Turkey Bowl in the morning at our ward. The boys had a blast! Robert even made a touchdown. I guess he still has it in him (maybe!).

Then as I mentioned we went to some friends home for the day and there was football there too. They played mini football in the backyard and at one point even their dog was in on it!

Then on Friday night Robert and a bunch of his buddies from high school played in a tournament. Three games in one night! Gio and I went to watch, end froze for 3 hours, but it was so much fun to watch and the boys had a great time! We sure love them all and it was great to see them back together again!

Then of course, there was the University of Utah Vs. BYU game on Saturday! What a game. Our house is divided...We all use to be Utah fans until Max Hall moved in a few doors down, then Brian went to the dark side (dark blue that is!). It has been a fun year watching all the games and I can honestly say that even though we love the Ute's we cheered for the Y all year long because of Max. That game on Saturday was amazing. We were all our seats until the last play of the game. I have to be honest and admit that it was much more exciting then all the other ball games that had been played over the past few days. I guess I too am football junkie (but only for certain teams-I like to watch the Colts too because Austin Collie lived across the street until this last spring.)
Needless to say after the game there were some things said that maybe should or shouldn't have been said, and I'm not really going to go there. But I am going to touch on what it made me think about.
In my life I have let so many things from the past control me and how I feel. I have had a hard time to let things go, and somethings, maybe I never will be able to forget completely, I suppose that is part of being human. But I have realized that wee all need to be aware and careful of the things we say and do, because even though we mean one thing, someone else might take it another way. My mission president told me once to never do or say anything I would regret at the end of my mission. I think that is the same for life.
Our home teacher came last night and we talked about service and doing things for others, and the pay it forward process....I suppose at this time of year we think even more about ways that we can serve...but I think we need to remember that service can be done all year long. Giovanni made the comment that we also need to be in tune with the spirit so that when the opportunity comes to serve that we will hear the promptings of the spirit, then act. How true!
I think both of these go hand in hand...if we are so full of anger or animosity towards someone, we may not hear the still small voice of the spirit when we need to. Just some food for thought, more for me than for anyone else.
We have the Christmas tree up, the lights are outside, the house is decorated, and now I need to start on the shopping.
This year Brian only wants a few small things. I should take that as a blessing! So hopefully his shopping will be easy, and then Robert, will all be mission stuff!
Talking about mission...we received a phone call from our Bishop last night saying that he looked on line and it looks like Robert's papers have been processed and sent, so any day now...We are very excited. We bought a book today on mission preparation and organization. I guess I'll need to start reading!
My next post will have all the details about his mission!
Where do you think he will go?????

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