December 3, 2009


It finally got here today! We have been talking, writing, and thinking mission for so long that it is hard to believe it. Robert is going to be a great missionary.... Oh, I suppose you all would like to know where he is going???? Is this a good enought hint for you? Yes! Robert has been called to serve in the Italy Milan Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He will enter the Provo Missionary Training Center on March 3,2010 and will learn Italian. To say that we are all thrilled is an understatement! Robert had a few close friends over when he opened his call...then we went to Terra Mia for some Italian pizza and to celebrate. Here are a few pics....

Thank you so much to all of you for your support of Robert and our family!


Jamie said...

I about fell off my chair! I'm at a loss for words! WOW!!!! Congrats, I'm just amazed at how the Lord works! What an adventure he's about to have!
Wow! Wow! WOW!

Kelly and Nate Wright said...

How awesome!! I remember in one of your previous posts that you guys would LOVE for him to go to Italy. Hardly anyone goes where you want them to! This is so awesome. Congrats to Robert and your family!! SO EXCITING!!

Ry + Alicia Voigts said...

Judi!!! That is so so so EXCITING! I am so Happy for him and your family. How awesome that he is going to Milan Italy. So EXCITING!!! XOXO Let meknow what I can help with -

Gio, Tasha, and Bella said...

That is awesome! Congratulations!

julie said...

Oh my gosh,
that is so exciting, so, so exciting,
I just got chills and I loved how Gio is weeping!

Italian missionaries are the best!
He'll do a great job!
love ya