November 17, 2009

Calogon...take me away!

Can I just say that life has been a bit stressful the past few weeks.
There has been homework, parent teacher conferences at school, work, church, callings, and for the past few days I have had to go into Salt Lake for training for work. We are getting a new computer system so.. that means bed no later than 9 PM or so and up at 3:30 AM to be there by 5:30 AM and be closed up in a class until 11:30 AM..only 7 more days, I can do it.
In between there has been dinner with friends, movies with family, and laundry, house cleaning, know, all those things that come with life.
Then there is the fact of Robert's mission papers. We ran into a few problems a long the way with paperwork, etc, but now they have been with the Stake Pres for over a week and we don't really know when they will go in. We told Robert to go talk with him and see what is going on. I think the poor guy has just been busy..hopefully this week....we need to also do paper work to defer Robert's scholarship, like I said earlier....stress...
I might be showing my age here, but there was a commercial one time showing a lady who was very stressed, and she yells..."Calgon, take me away" and the next screen she is soaking in the bathtub with bubbles and relaxing. That is how I feel! I am so glad that next week we have a holiday. We will be spending it with some dear friends and their family. I really lucked out, my assignment is bread, and it is ordered and all I will need to do is remember to pick it up. Let's hope I do!!!
I am looking forward to Wednesday. I'm going to see a friend of mine that I haven't seen for 25 years. Well, actually we saw each other at the Fremont reunion a month or so ago, but didn't have the chance to really visit. I am looking forward to the afternoon. It will be nice to catch up. We were really good friends back in the day. Oh there I go...aging myself again...oh well. I'm like wine, I get better with age, it least I hope so. But, not good enough yet.....
Hope you all are well!

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Jamie said...

I'm tired just reading how busy you are! I hope you get that well needed bubble bath!