July 24, 2009

Summertime Fun

It has been a good week. We've done a few fun things and seen a few movies, and just layed around the house relaxing. It has been so hot that I don't really even want to go out to the pool. That's when you know it's been hot.
40 years ago today our "heros" returned from the moon. What an amazing adventure they had. On Wednesday night we layed out on the lawn and waited for the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle to pass by. We don't have a telescope so we were hoping that our human eyes could see it. We thought that we had missed it and right as we were getting ready to go inside Brian saw something in the sky! It was a thrill to see it as it passed overhead. How far we have come in the past 40 years! We did some celebrating of our own this week.
On Monday we went up to SLC to the Clark Planetarium since in was July 20, 2009 and 40 years since the first men walked on the moon. It was really interesting. We learned a few new things and did some fun activities and then watched a 3D movie about Apollo 11. Brian then got to walk on the moon and mars, and hang out with one of his friends.

Then Gio and Brian took a walk in outerspace. What a beautiful world behind them.

There have also been a few rain storms over the past few weeks and one night while Gio and I were taking a walk in our neighborhood we came around the corner and saw this beautiful rainbow.

The highlight of my week was going to lunch with some old and dear friends of mine. We were companions and friends during our mission to the Italy Catania Mission 20+ years ago and have been able to keep in touch all these years. I sure do love these ladies and feel blessed to have been able to serve with them and most of all to still call them my friends today. They were my sorelle 20 years ago and today they are my sisters!

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