July 16, 2009


40 years ago this week, men went to the moon! WOW!!

As long as I have know Gio he has wanted to fly to the moon. He got a little closer in June when he was able to go to NASA with his brother and the boys during our trip to Florida! Robert tells how Gio was in "heaven" as they toured the facility and saw all the wonders that were there.

These past weeks he has been following the launch of the space shuttle Endeavour and was thrilled to see that they were finally able to take off. Now we will be following them on line and seeing "heaven" through their eyes.
Hopefully there will be another trip to the moon someday soon, so that Giovanni can watch and remember!

The L.E.M

The Space Shuttle

The 2 "wanna-be astronouts" :-)

The re-entry system that brought back home our heros...

Hopefully our schools will actually teach the future generations what it took for mankind to land on the moon: a vision from a great American President (JFK); the dedication of thousands of people that worked hard, with hope and desire to make that dream come true; and finally the courage of several men that placed their lives in danger confronting the "unknown"....becoming real heroes that will be remember forever...as "Rocket Men".

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Leeshie Lou said...

Wow!!! That looks so awesome! Love all of your pictures and your cute background too !