July 28, 2009


Robert was suppose to be in Florida this past weekend for about 4-5 days. He was kinda bummed to not be able to go with his buddy Adam. They have been friends since they were 3-4 yrs old and they were going to enjoy some guy time, but it didn't happnen, because Robert had to work a few days that they were going to be gone.
However, another opportunity arose for him while he did have some time off, so he was able to go to Idaho, Washinton, and Oregon with his friend Beau and his family.

They went to Boise and tubed down the Boise River, then went to Washington/Oregon where they were able to check out some pretty cool light houses. They camped on the beach, then stayed in a beach house for a few days and also had the opportunity to go deep sea fishing. We now have some fresh salmon in the freezer that we need to cook! Robert caught 5 fish, but could only bring 2 home.

I think the best part of the trip was the car! The two boys drove down in the red Mustang Convertable. As Robert put it, "It was a sweet ride!"

Here are some pictures that Robert took.

It looks like beautiful country and they had a wonderful! How lucky our boys are to have such great friends!

I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but as a sidebar, Brian got braces a few weeks ago. Poor boy has a mouth full of metal and a crank on the roof of his mouth to widen his jaw. He let me take a few pictures while at the orthodontist. It was a long appointment...almost two hours and by the end he was pretty beat, but he sure was a trooper!

He's gone this week to Cedar City with his friend Talon. It is the first time that he is away from home and I have to admit that he's only been gone since last night, but I miss him coming in to my room in the morning and giving me a hug and a kiss! But I know he'll have a great time, and hopefully he'll remember to take a few pictures so we can post them next week after he gets home!

Happy Summer!

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