June 19, 2009

A presto...See you later big Bro

Well...like everything else in life, even my brother Pino visit in Utah had to end. Today Pino left for a long flight home- Torino, Italy. We spent together almost 30 fun days. Orlando, Vegas, The Grand Canyon were all great but, to be honest, I have to say that just the presence of my brother at home, playing with us, having fun with the kids was the best! I already miss him and I hope God will keep him safe and healthy until I will have a chance to hug him again (hopefully JetBlue benefits will help :-)

I see my kids interacting with each other like Tom and Jerry (the typical older to younger brother relationship) and I tell them to treasure the love and friendship between each other forever, because - after all- family ties are forever. I hope one day Robert will realize how important is the influence he has on his younger brother.

My brother has been for me not just a brother - but also a father. He is the one who raised me and had a great influence on who I am am as a person. I don't know if he really understands how much he has done for me and how much I love him.

Anyway here you can find some recent pics of our time spent together. Love you Bro!

Ho scritto in inglese prima ma tutte le parole sopra non riescono a fare esprimere quanto ti voglio bene, fratellino mio Pino! Ci vediamo presto e prego che Dio continui a proteggerti e mantenerti in buona saluta fino a quando ci riabbracceremo nuovamente! (Speriamo ora che JetBlue ci aiuti..il goal sara' entro 1 anno o meno). Qui puoi vedere delle foto che ti faranno ricordare momenti divertenti!

La "Nostra" Limo... "Our" limo...

Il "Nostro" Elicottero... "Our" Chopper

Il Gran Canion- Grand Canyon

Lo Zio ed I due fratelli...How you doing??? :-)

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