June 21, 2009


I wanted to do this amazing blog dedicated to father's, with pictures of Giovanni's dad, Onofrio, and of my father, Norman, along with pictures of Gio and the boys. But alas time has slipped by and father's day has come and is almost gone and we haven't scanned in pictures of Gio's dad yet, but I didn't want the day to pass without writing something about each one of these amazing men.

Let me start with Nonno Onofrio. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, however from the stories that Gio has told me he was a wonderful father who loved his son. Onofrio was 62 years old when Gio was born. He loved his son so very much and spent a lot of time playing with him and being a wonderful father for the few short years that they had together. Gio tells stories of playing "barber" with his father and pretending like he was washing his hair or giving him a shave. He also tells of how he and his father would go for walks and some people would ask if he was out with his grandson, and he would say "no!, this is my son!", and very proud of it. Onofrio passed away when Gio was only 6 years old, so his memories of his father are vague and distant, but he knows that his father loved him very much. He only wishes that he could remember his father's voice. Someday they will have the chance to sit down and talk again, and when he does hear that voice it will be like sweet music to his ears.

As for Grandpa (my father)...there are so many fond memories that I have of him. I remember his buying us mountain bikes (motorcycles) to ride up at our cabin and one day we rode down to the river and on the way up and got to close to the edge and dad freaked out because he thought I was going to fall over the side of the mountain. We still talk about that and I don't think I was as close as he thought I was. Another memory that I have is us going to Hawaii when I was young. We climbed up to where there was a live volcano to look inside it and I remember the mountain side being black and when we got to the top everyone was talking about the red running lava and I couldn't see it. Dad lifted me up on his shoulders and leaned over so that I could see and I began to kick and scream for him to put me down. I was so afraid....I just knew that he was going to sacrifice me to the Hawaiian Gods! (I think that is where my fear of heights came from).
My father was also very loving with my mother. I don't remember them ever fighting, but always laughing and having a good time. Towards the end of my mother's life I realized how much my father did love and cherish my mother because of how he cared for her. That is something that I will never forget. I realized at that time what I hoped my marriage would be like after almost 56 years of marriage.

Last but not least in the father of my children, Giovanni. What can I say about him that I haven't already written. He is the man of my dreams. As a young girl I remember saying that I wanted to marry someone like my dad. Well, in some ways they are very different, however in other ways they are so much alike. Gio is quiet and doesn't like to be the center of attention. He is reserved, yet can let loose when he wants to. He loves to play with our children and is such an amazing father! He cares about our boys and makes sure that they know how much he loves them. He provides for our family and makes sure that we have the things that we need. Sometimes he will tell us that we have to do without, but that is so that we can have something better later.
I respect him so much for the man that he is and for the sacrifices that he has made for our family and for our sons so that their lives will be better.

Thank you Onofrio, Norman, and Giovanni for the men that you were and are! You have helped our family to be what it is!


with love,

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