May 23, 2009

Happy Family!

It has been such an amazing week with so many fun things going on!

We worked all week to get the house ready for Pino's arrival from Italy. We washed walls and did some painting, we cleaned up the backyard (what there is of it), cleaned the kitchen, bathrooms, windows, blinds, and had the carpet cleaned. The house looks almost like new again! We always clean the house and keep it looking nice, but this time it was one of those deep cleanings and WOW! it looks great! Thanks to Giovanni who did so much of it! He is my hero!!!

We picked Pino up from the airport on Wednesday evening. His plane got in about 10 PM. How nice it is to have hime here. I haven't seen Giovanni this happy for a long time. It has been 4 years since we have seen Pino, and 7 since he last came here!

We had him try out the trampoline in the backyard and it was the funniest thing that I've ever seen! We all laughed so hard!

Robert had a National Honor Society Award night a few nights back. He got his second year certificate. It is a great program and really is a good way for kids to do service for other people and to think about the type of life that they live and/or want to live and the different ways that they can serve. I am proud of him for being part of NHS for two years. It is something that I hope he will look back on and remember. This coming week we have a Senior Scholarship and Award Ceremony to go to. We recieved a notice in the mail that Robert will be recognized for something so I guess we will go and find out what! He is really tired or all this stuff. He isn't one to like being in the spot light, unless it is with his friends. Getting a picture of him is really difficult too!
This is him with his two friends Lauren and Aubrey

Also this week (Friday the 22nd), I finished my training with Jet Blue University (as they call it). I am now an Official Crewmemeber! YAY!!! I got my official badge, I met my supervisor for just a few minutes, and we were also explained some about how flying with our passes works, etc. We had a potluck during the day, got our certificates, took some pictures, then went on the phones for a while. I will work up in SLC for the next three weeks, my regular shift (Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday), then around the 20th of June I'll start working from home. That is when the real fun will begin!!!
Our intructors Mary and Claudia

And our class....we had so much fun together!

We are now looking forward to Memorial weekend and a great week with Robert graduating from high shcool!

Provero' di scrivere in Italiano per familglia ed amici in Italia.
Questa settimana e stato davero divertente! Pino e' arrivato dal'Italia Mercoledi sera, e siamo contenti di averlo qui con noi per un mese! Sono 4 anni che non ci vediamo e 7 anni che non e' venuto qui!
Per Robert, c'e' stato una sera di riconoscimento per tutti coloro che fanno parte della National Honor Society (societa' per coloro che fanno tipo di benificenza per altre persone).
E Judi ha finito il training per suo nouvo lavoro a Jet Blue. Adesso e' ufficiale. Comincera' di lavorare da casa fra 3 settimane...
Un baccione a tutti!
Vi Vogliamo Bene!!!


Jamie said...

i wish i could have seen him jumping on the tramp! he looks like such a nice guy (kind of like his brother!!!)
i'm glad you are over the big bump with jet blue! congrats on that!!!

Michelle Walker said...

I found your blog!!! Yay!!! It sounds like you have been super busy! We miss parkridge :(. Take care and keep in touch!!!!