May 15, 2009

What A Week!

What a week it has been, and I am not sorry to say that I'm glad it is over. I'm really looking forward to the weekend even if it means cleaning the house, washing windows and blinds, cleaning the fridge out and doing some will be a great way to release all the stress and tension that I have felt this week.

(The views that I'm about to share are mine alone and not that of Jet Blue Airways).
As you all know I started with JetBlue Airways a couple of weeks ago. I really love the job and feel really lucky to work for such a great company. However...this past week has been stressful. There are two assessment tests that you have to take and between the two you need to have a score of 80%, and they also monitor a call (staged) and you have to get 80% on that as well. If you don't pass the two tests basically you are out. I can agree with it, because think about it 80% is a B- for a grade.

Last week I did well on the test. Between the written and the scenario's I missed one and got 95%. Take into consideration that I studied about 1 1/2 hours. This past week (Thursday) we had our second test. Well...American Idol was the night before and I just had to watch it to know who was going to be in the final, and so I didn't really study more that about 30 minutes total. I woke up I don't know how many times during the night and was so stressed. It was awful. Well, the test was much harder and we had 3 scenarios instead of two and the same amount of time. Can I just say that I did GREAT!!! I missed 1 answer on the written and none on the scenarios and my average for both tests was 96.5%!!! Way to go, Me! Then today I did the monitored call and I got 98% on that! I am so proud of myself, but still terrified for Monday when I'll start taking real calls!!! I'm sure that I'll do fine, but the first few times will rattle my brain, I'm sure! I am just looking forward to the middle of June when I'll be working from home and won't have to drive to SLC everyday!!!

As for news at Giovanni's work. It seems that the layoff of one supervisor that was to come won't happen. On of the other supervisors actually accepted another job offer and today was his last day at work, so Giovanni is safe! It has been a stressful month or so at Convergy's not knowing what would happen. We both felt like he would stay, but at the same time the fear is still there. Especially the way the economy is!

We are getting ready for Pino's arrival. He will be here Wednesday evening and we are all so excited. It has been 4 years since we've seen him. I know that Giovanni is really looking forward to it! It will be a fun month to have him here.

Plans are also in the works for Robert's graduation! We are so proud of him and all the he has accomplished over the past 4 years in high school, but actually all of his school years. He has done an amazing job! It is sad to see him grow up, yet exciting to see this new chapter in his life begin. I may get upset at him at times, but I really am glad that he will be living at home for a while. I am just not ready to let him go yet! I guess I'm a typical mother!

Brian broke his arm a few weeks ago on a wave skate board (the kind that have 2 wheels and you have to move your whole body to ride it). He broke it in 2 places above his wrist. He has been a real trooper about it and we are proud of how he has handled it.

I hope that you all are having a great week and enjoying the end of spring and the start of summer! The next few weeks we will be doing lots of fun things and I'm already looking forward to the posts and the pictures!

Have a good one!!!!


Ry + Alicia Voigts said...

Wow!!! You are one busy woman and family!!! hope all is well is good....

Jamie said...

well i'm glad this week is over for you too!!! do you have a cape? (super woman!!!)

Gio, Tasha, and Bella said...

I am so glad that you have found a job that you like. It is so awesome that you will get to work from home soon.