May 30, 2009

Graduation and Fun

Help! We have a graduate in the house!

What a wonderful and exciting week it has been at the Bona home! It has been such a delight having Pino here with us. The kids have had so much fun with him, especially Brian. They may not be able to communicate with words, but they make themselves understood and they sure laugh a lot. We have taught him how to play DDR on the XBox 360 and also Guitar Hero. We have had a good laugh at his expense, poor guy!

This past Monday we went to Boondocks up in SLC. It is a fun park with laser tag, video games (we loved Deal or No Deal), there were the Go Karts and Mini Golf. Pino got a hole in one and thought that was great. We tried to teach him how to hold the golf club the right way, but to no avail!

On Tuesday it was the "Celebration of Excellence" for invited seniors at PHS. It was a fun night to go and applaud the seniors who recieved awards that ranged from most improved to Sterling Scholars and everything in between. Basically it was to honor those who recieved some type of scholarship, etc. Congrats to PHS seniors, overall they recieved almost $3 million in scholarships! How outstanding is that!

Thursday Brian came home with a WOW Award from school. (Westridge Outstanding Wildcat), for being a great frien and setting a good example for his classmates! He was so excited! And Zio Pino gave him $20 for doing so well at school. That made him even happier! He used his money to buy a game for his gamecube, and then we bought him one for the XBox! Great job Brian for a super year! He also had field day at school and so we took Pino and he got to meet Kache and Talon! Brian was thrilled!

On Thursday evening we celebrated Robert's graduation with a family dinner at Gloria's Little Italy in Provo.

It was a fun night. Dave, Cindra, Cassandra and Ryan came. Grandpa and Grandma, and Aunt Peggy (dad's sister). There we all of us including Pino and a friend of ours Natalia and her grand-daughter Lexi, and Robert's "friend" Ashley.

We had a fun time together, and Robert was even serenaded by our waiter who sang him some Italian song about victory! Then the big day came on Friday! I have to admit that I kept my emotions under check pretty good. On Thursday night at dinner I got choked up for a few minutes and a few tears came. I was so proud of Robert and I was watching all of our family there together and it was so nice. The only person missing was my mother, Grandma #1 or Grandma Martha. (Brian calls her both!). She loved a good party and would have enjoyed the evening with family and friends. Though I know that she was there in spirit and I know that she is so proud of Robert and what he has accomplished!

At the ceremony it was emotional watching all 400+ kids walk out and take their seats! The speakers did a great job and the music was beautiful! Then time for the diploma! Wow!! That was great! But I still don't know where the past 18 1/2 years and 13 years of school went. My baby can't possibly be all grown up!

As I look back on his school years and all that he has done in and outside of school I am so proud of him. I only hope that as parents Giovanni and I have taught him all the things that he needs to know (I don't think so...he is still learning to do his own laundry!). I often think of the Prophet Joseph Smith and what he said once about the saints. A reporter asked him how it was that the saints were so obedient and faithful followers. His response was; "I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves."

I hope that we have done that with Robert. I know that there is so much more that we should have said or done, but most of all I hope that he knows how much we love him and how proud we are of him. Also I hope he knows that his Heavenly Father loves him and is with him every step of the way. We tease Robert telling him that he is going out into the "dark and dreary world", but that isn't true.

He has so many opportunities and possibilities. The world is at his doorstep and he can make of his life what he wants! I know that he'll go far. Now we are off to a wonderful week in Florida! Robert, Gio, Brian and Pino left this afternoon, and I'll be following on Sunday evening (taking advantage of a free pass with Jet Blue! How nice to work for the airlines!)

Lastly, thank you to all of you who have sent well wishes to Robert for his graduation! We appreciate your kindness and friendship. Most of all thank you for your support to Robert. It is true what they say, "It takes a village to raise a child". One down and one to go!!!

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Jamie said...

WOW! big day for robert! you guys look good! and very happy together! congrats!!!