April 30, 2009

One Day At A Time

I sure wish I had time to keep up on this blogging thing like I would like too, but...now that I'm working again I don't really have the time.
Just wanted to bring you up to date on the past week.

Yes, the car is a total loss. I'm waiting for the insurance guy to call me so that we can discuss the amount that they are going to give us. He should call sometime today.

We received another blessing this past weekend though. My dad and Lorraine bought a new truck and so we now have their van. There are only 4 of us in the family so I suppose I'll have to adopt a few kids or something because we now have 2 vans and 1 scooter...but we really feel blessed to have it. It is a 2003 Kia Sedona with about 43,000 miles on it. We told Robert that now he gets to drive a van because for the time being we are not trading or selling anything. It has been such a blessing because we really don't have the time to go out looking for something and the price that they sold it to us for was better than anything else that we could have bought.

We found out yesterday that Gio's brother Pino is coming a week earlier than expected. Boy do I feel stressed now to get everything done before he gets here, with no time to do it!! The whole family is going to have to chip in and help. I guess we will just take things one day at a time and what gets done will get done and the rest will have to wait for another day. We are really looking forward to his visit. I know that Gio especially is excited to see him again. It has been 4 years so it's time.

Brian finished his soccer season last weekend (I'll post pics on the next blog and write more about it). They had a fun time and are a cute bunch of boys.

Robert is getting ready for prom this weekend. They have some fun things planned. He is also finishing up his last few school projects that he has. I can't believe that he will be done in 3 weeks, though I'm ready for it to be over and have a break for a few years!

Things are the same at Gio's work. They are expecting some changes in the next few weeks, so that should be interesting. (Will write more about that later too!)

As for me, well, I had orientation for jetBlue on Tuesday and Wednesday and can I just say that I'm really going to love this job. I can't wait to really get into it.
The actual training starts on Monday and I have to memorize airport codes this weekend and the call flow before Monday. The people there are very nice and I have been impressed with the company so far. I haven't seen anything that I don't like! Also the fact that they are one of only two airlines that made a profit in the first quarter doesn't hurt either! I have made some friends there already and am looking forward with great anticipation to the day I can start "jetting" which will be around the 22nd of May. Because you see, at jetBlue, you don't fly....you Jet!!!

(And before I forget I need to put a disclaimer that anything that I write about jetBlue is my own opinion and views and not a public announcement for the company). We need to state that every time we write about the company on our blogs, so you might see it from time to time!

Anyway...like I was saying, it is a great place and the benefits are amazing...especially the travel. It will be a great opportunity for our family!!!

Well, better end this post...I have a lot to do around the house!!! Sorry no pics this time, but next time there will be some.

Happy Thursday!!! And remember....one day at a time!!!

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