April 24, 2009


I woke up Wednesday morning full of energy and was going to enjoy the sunshine by going for a walk down by the river, then I was going to come home and do some more cleaning since I only have a few more days until the real world starts again and I go back to work.
I had picked up the house and done a load of laundry and was getting ready to go for that walk when my cell phone rang. It was Robert. Now you have to understand...when Robert is at school he doesn't call me, he text's me. So when he calls I know there is a problem or he wants to sluff a class (senioritis has arrived). I decided that I would answer and see what he wanted.

Robert: "Mom?"
Me: "Yeah Robert, what's up?"
Robert: "I was in an accident"
Me: "WHAT???"
Robert: "I was in an accident"
Me: (heart beating out of my chest) "Are you hurt?" "Was anyone with you?"
Robert: "No, I'm okay, and Matt and Jordan are with me and they're okay too"
Me: (sigh of relief but still worried) "How's the car?" (Our 2003 Kia Spectra that is paid for)
Robert: "Jacked up!" (I won't add the other words)
Me: "Where are you?" "Don't talk to the police until I get there, don't say it was your fault and don't say how fast you were going, just tell them I'm on my way." Robert: "Okay, and mom, hurry!"

How nice to know that he still needs me, even at 18 years old!

As this conversation is going on 1000 things are running through my mind like are they really okay, is anyone hurt, what happened, whose fault is it, how much will our insurance go up, I need to call Giovanni, where are the car keys, I need a hat on my head because I haven't taken a shower yet. I grab my keys and run out the door. Thank goodness the accident wasn't far from our house (700 N. and University Ave.) All the while driving there the only thing that I can think about is "my baby". Is he okay???? What about Matt and Jordan-are they okay. And the other car and people? All the while Robert and I are texting one another and I'm telling him I'm on my way. The police arrive and he wants to know where I am and I tell him I'm turning the corner and see him and the police.

(this is the damage to the ladies van)

He sees me and I see a small look of relief on his face, though he is VERY upset. He's an 18 year old boy with a temper and mad at the world right at that moment and his car is a mess...As a mother I have the choice, reprimand him for what has happen, or just tell him I love him and that the car doesn't matter. It was an easy choice to make. I hug him and tell him that I'm glad he is okay and that cars can be replaced or fixed and people can't. I'm also so proud of Robert, Matt and Jordan because all the boys were wearing their seat belts.

The police officer and the lady he hit were both so nice. Robert got the ticket for not being an observant driver. There was a lot of traffic on University Ave and all at once everyone slammed their brakes. Robert swerved to not hit the van in front of him, but he got her on the back side. Her van got a small dent, but it took out the front side of our car. *tear*

Giovanni arrived and took control of the situation! My hero! He was so good with Robert. He hugged him and told him that the most important thing was that everyone was okay! We called the insurance company, took the car to the repair shop and the boys back to school.

As it ends up the car most likely will be totaled!It doesn't really look that bad, but there is a lot of damage underneath that can't be seen. What a shame. It was a great car. I'm still waiting to hear from the adjuster. Then we'll have to make some choices.

Thank goodness for my dad! He is letting us borrow his Kia Sedona mini-van. So for now we are a two van one scooter family.

I've learned a few things from this experience.
1. Make sure that everyday you let you family know that you love them!
2. Things happen!
3. Thank goodness for cell phones and texting!
4. There are good people in the world. (The lady was soooo nice to Robert)
5. Police officers can be nice too!
6. I love my son more than anything in the world. (I already knew I did, but when you hear the word accident your heart drops)

In this world we are so attached to things, and things don't really matter. Yes, I am sad about the car because now isn't a convenient time to have to deal with fixing a car or getting a new car. However, I have also seen an outpouring of love and concern from other people. We have been offered the use of some one's car if we need one, people have called to make sure that Robert is okay, and just the moral support from friends. The accident could have been so much worse. If Robert hadn't swerved the car behind them would have hit them and they would have been crushed from both ends.

The main thing that I have learned is....don't yell at your kids if they're in an accident (I didn't, I'm so proud of myself). They are hard enough on themselves!


Laylabean said...

I'm SO glad everyone was okay! I'm impressed with how well you handled it, I hope I can remember this lesson. Accidents are horrible but that's why they're called "accidents." I hope you can get the car thing worked out. What a pain!

Cheryl said...

HOLY COW!! I am SOOOO glad everyone was okay. Accidents are scary...my brother got in one in our truck once and flipped him upside down --luckily his seatbelt saved him (and the truck was old and super sturdy). He was also a senior at the time, come to think of it...hmmm... ;)

Nicole and James said...

That is so scary I am glad everyone is ok! Thanks for your sweet comments and for your prayers! We really appreciate it!

Ry + Alicia Voigts said...

Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that this has happened... I hope that it is all worked out by now... How was Jet Blue? I bet you will LOVE the benefits!