May 3, 2009

A Fun Week and Great Memories

This past week has been a fun and exciting week for us.

Last week Robert was in a dance concert at Provo High. His friend Kourtney is in dance company and asked him to be her partner for one of the dances. Each couple got to choose their costume and Kourtney and Robert dressed up as nerds. They were cute and it was fun to watch, but now I know why Robert isn't a dancer. He can dance, but just not this kind of dancing! (Sorry no pics for this one-problems with the camera!)

Gio is still at Convergy's, and hopefully that will continue. There are going to be some changes coming and hopefully he won't be affected by it. All we can do is pray that everything goes okay. It is terrible to sit and wait, when you know that something is coming, but not know when.

Like I wrote previously Brian and the "Golden Eagles" had a great season! Gio had a great time being their coach. Two of Brian's best friends, Kache and Talon were on the team...they are also in his class at school, so that made it even better for Brian. They call themselves "Los Tres Amigos".

They are cute kids and have a lot of fun together!

I love Jet Blue! Right now I'm studying airport codes. How fun can that be? I've even made myself flash cards. Out of 50+ I only need to learn about 10 more. Thank goodness! And thanks to Gio for helping me study.

Pino will be here in about 2 1/2 weeks so we are doing some last minute cleaning just to make the house look good when he gets here. It is going to be a fun month to have him here. We have some exciting things planned. Gio especially is looking forward to the visit.

We ended the week with Prom last night for Robert. He went with his new "friend" Ashely. She is a really nice girl and they looked so cute together.

There was a group of about 6-7 couples and they seemed to have a fun time. They had their "day date" on Friday evening because of a track meet that some of them had on Saturday. They went to play laser tag, out to eat, then watched a movie. Then on Saturday they went to dinner, the dance, and a movie and hung out until 2 AM. I can't remember the last time I stayed out until 2 AM. Oh to be young again. (I shouldn't add this in, but it is too funny not to ~ Robert called me about 10:45 PM to let me know that he was dancing and split his pants all the way up the back side! His jacket was long enough to cove the rip, so he didn't tell anyone and just kept on dancing! How much do tux pants cost? I don't think I want to know!)

And of course, Robert was with his "homeboy" Anthony!

What a fun week and great memories.

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