February 21, 2009

The U or not the U, The Y or not the Y???

Judi aveva scritto tutto questo e mi ha chiesto di tradurre in Italiano...il problema e' che e' troppo lungo cosi' faccio un abbreviazione di quello di cui lei parla. Robert e' stato accettato da 4 universita' ma ha ristretto la sua scelta tra la Brigham Young University (L'universita' privata che sta circa 5' da casa) o l' Universita' dello Utah (Universita' pubblica che sta' in SLC circa 45' da casa). Sono tutte e due ottime universita' - acerrime nemiche l'una dell'altra. Una di proprieta' delle Chiesa di Gesu'Cristo SUG, l'altra ..no). Siamo molto contenti di cio' che Robert sia riuscito a raggiungere fino ad ora. In questo momento della sua vita' dovra' fare una scelta molto importante. Lui chiede a noi...ma noi gli diciamo di decidere e pregare - cosi' possa essere sicuro della sua scelta. Le 2 canzoni che sentite in sottofondo sono - la prima della Universita' dello Utah- la seconda delle BYU. Un abbraccio

We just wanted to bring everyone up to date as to what is going on at our home. Robert was waiting to hear if he was accepted or not to BYU here in Provo and he found out yesterday 2/20 that he has been admitted. We are so proud of Robert and his accomplishments. He has worked very hard during his high school years and it is amazing to think that in three months it will all be over and he will start a new chapter of his life. BYU is a private university that is owned by the LDS church and you must meet rigorous standards to be admitted. Being accepted to a university isn't easy and Robert has been accepted to 4; BYU-Idaho, Utah State University in Logan, Utah, University of Utah in Salt Lake City and BYU in Provo. He has narrowed his choices down to the "U" and the "Y" and he now has 30 days to decide his future...that is a lot to ask of a kid.
We will be attending some seminars at the U and speaking with faculty members at both universities so that Robert can get a better feel as to what is the best option for him.
He is going to study nursing and then is thinking of becoming a PA or going for something more lucrative in the nursing field. It will be a stepping stone for whatever his future will be. Both schools have excellent programs and that is what makes it even more difficult for him to decide.
He has asked us several times what he should do or what we would do, and this is one time as parents that we are not trying to push him one way or another. It is his choice and his future. We have told him that this is when he needs to do a lot of fact finding to know more about each university and to also get down on his knees and do some serious praying to have some guidance.
We know that what ever he does decide that he will do an excellent job. We have full confidence in him and his abilities. He will be a great success!!!
It is sad for us to see him grow up, yet at the same time we are so excited for him and for his future.
We know that his Grandma is looking down from heaven and she is very proud of him too. I know what her advice would be....She would say it's a no brainer Robert...go to BYU and be a cougar

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The Jeffs Family said...

How can Robert be going to college?!? I was just in college! Actually, it has now been 13 years since I started at the Y. Time goes by way to fast. He's a smart kid and will know what to do. Congrats Robert!