November 9, 2008

The end of the football season but still a fun trip has been a while since we posted new pictures so we thought that it would be good to keep you updated with "la Bona vita".
Robert and Provo High school football season ended with the loss in ST. George against Pine View, one of the best teams in Utah.
Brian definitely has a lot of fun being part of the gang!
After that we spent a few days in Vegas. One of Robert's friends (Seth- wide receiver) came with us and we all had a good time. As usual Vegas is a very "interesting" town, but we were able to find some fun stuff to do there as a family. Circus Circus hotel has a great "Fun-Dome" with an incredible rollercoaster.
This time Judi decided not to try this experience but enjoyed walking down the Strip with Gio and watched the local shows!

Brian with Robert's buddies....he his part of the Gang!

Brian and other "future" Bulldogs!

All of us with Seth in front of the Ceasar Palace in Vegas

What a "sexy" smile


Jamie said...

what great pics! i had a few posts to catch up on... i love the "getting to know you" one! i learned a lot about you!
your boys are getting so big, and they both are just beautiful!
hope your all doing well ~ take care!

The Loyo Family said...

You better keep an eye on that son of yours! Hope you have fun at the movies tonight!