October 28, 2008

Yes, it is a tag. I hope you don't mind getting to know me.

I am-sentimental, sensitive, and a worrier.
I want-a smaller car so that I don't have to drive my mini-van every day.
I have-lived in Italy.
I wish-my kids would never grow up.
I hate-heights.
I fear-how life and this world will be for my boys when they grow up.
I hear-people at work laughing and having a good time.
I search- for all the socks that never make it out of the dryer!
I wonder-when I'll ever get the house cleaned, the laundry done, and what's for dinner.
I always-take my cell phone with me where ever I go.
I usually-watch ER on Thursday night! (I'll miss it when it's done.)
I am not-as neat and orderly as I use to be, I don't have time.
I dance-with Brian when the music is playing!
I sing-in the shower, in the car, or when I'm playing my piano.
I never-say I hate someone. Hate is such a strong word.
I rarely-end a phone conversation with my family without telling them I love them.
I cry-for the simplest things.
I am not always-patient.
I lose- when I don't give other people a chance.
I am confused-as to how people can live with out a cell phone.
I need-a vacation!
I dream-but never remember what I dreamt.


The Jeffs Family said...

Thanks for doing the tag--I love learning about people! Hope you have a great Halloween!

La famiglia Petrollini said...

Ciao Judi chissà se ti ricordi di me...io sono Sabrina Cicciò...ho per caso trovato il vostro blog su facebook....che bello vedervi vedere Robert così grande...mi ricordo quando aveva 2 o 3 anni e mi telefonava....mandagli un saluto...io vivo a Terni in Umbria sono sposata da 6 anni e ho 3 bimbi...la mia famiglia invece(i Ciccio's)sono a Cuneo....spero di avere vostre notizie un bacio a tutti