October 12, 2008

Our jewels....

After the recent General Conference where we had the opportunity to listen to the counsel of our beloved prophet Thomas S. Monson, we were reflecting on our lives and accomplishments as a family.
Success at work, financial accomplishements, or anything else could not be compared to our feelings on what is the most important blessing in our lives: our jewels, our sons Robert, now almost 18, and Brian who just turned 10.
Families are truly forever thanks to ordinances performed in sacred temples.
Here are some recent pics of our jewels.

Robert and his friend Kourtney at Provo Homecoming 2008

Homecoming group photo

Brian 4th grade picture

Brian flag football picture

The "Juventus-fan" Brian and Judi

Two more pics of my favorite senior at Provo High

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La famiglia Petrollini said...

Ciao Judy grazie per aver risposto....scrivi molto bene in italiano non ti preoccupare...i miei genitori hanno un blog : famigliaciccio.blogspot.com saranno felici se li contatti...ti mando un bacio a te e a Giovanni salutamelo tanto..anche i tuoi figli sono bellissimi..immagino che Robert ha tante ragazze dietro di lui vero????...salutamelo ciao ciao