October 4, 2008

WOW!!! We are so excited right now that you can't imagine. We were watching general conference and Pres. Monson was announcing new temples to be built, and the last one he said was the Rome Italy temple! We started crying! We and all the rest of the Italian members here and in Italy have been waiting for this day for years....and it has finally come. We are already planning our family trip to Italy when the temple will be dedicated...That will be an amazing experience..

We'll write more later, but just wanted to let everyone know how happy we are!!!


The Jeffs Family said...

We are thrilled too--I called my dad and mom (they are back East doing church history stuff) and told them. My dad served in what used to be the N. Italian mission (Milan, Rome, etc.) They were just in Italy this past summer and can't wait to go back. I have been doing our family history on our Italian ancestors and now feel a special connection with Italy as well. Thinking of you!

A said...

We are excited for you and Italy too! We know this means so much to so many people.
Love you!

Jamie said...

when i heard this, i thought of the bona family! congrats, i can't imagine what this means to you guys! what an inspired prophet we have!!!
hope your all well!