July 9, 2008

Well. today Giovanni is going to try and download a few pictures onto this blog. We will see what happens. He is the computer savy one at our home. I can write, but that is about it.

This past weekend we went to the Stadium of Fire at BYU and it was really fun. Miley Cirus was there, (you might know her as Hannah Montana), but we have to admit that the best part of the show was the Blue Man Group!!! Wow they were great! The beat was incredible and the crowd really enjoyed their show linked with the fireworks!

Gio is helping me with the pictures today. If everything goes well you should be able to see a couple of pictures taken during last LDS General Conference in Salt Lake City!

Now some words from Gio:

Un saluto a tutti gli Italiani che leggono questo blog! Benvenuti! Questa e' la prima volta che io mi cimento nel blogging ma Judi mi sta chiedendo di aitutarla, specialmente con le foto. Provero' anche ad inserire dei video (la mia nuova passione) e spero che voi tutti abbiate piacere di vedere quello che succede nella "Bona Vita". Ciao!


The Jeffs Family said...

What handsome boys! I can't believe how old they are. It's hard to believe we've been gone 6 years. Keep up on the blogging. We'd love to keep in touch with you all. Tell Ann and the boys hi for us too. Do they have a blog? We'll be in touch.

Jamie said...

Horay!!! The pics look great! It's nice to see you guys again! Your family is beautiful... and big! WOW how those boy's have grown ~
Take care Bona's

The Loyo Family said...

That is a beautiful picture of your family. We are really excited that Gio got promoted, it will really help out a lot. We should go out to lunch maybe next week, that would be lots of fun.