November 16, 2014


The last time I updated this blog was back in March of this year.
Well, it's now November.
There is no way that I could ever catch up on all that has happened
over the past eight months.
I can't even remember everything that has happened.
Life became so busy and hectic.
I lost my password to log in to blog.
Social media took over my life in the form of Instagram.
Pictures are so much nicer than a bunch of words.
And I keep forgetting to download the photos from my phone.
So, another post without pictures.
Lets see what I can remember.
Basketball season ended in a bust.
The boys were undefeated until the tournament.
Then they lost
and it was over.
But they had an amazing year.
Brian finished his freshman year of high school on a high note.
It had it's hard moments, really hard...
but he got through them and it made him a stronger
better person.
Robert started nursing school in July.
He is doing well.
Studying a lot and learning a lot.
He is a good boy.
Serina has two jobs now.
She works as an aide at an elementary school.
She just loves the little first grade kids.
She still does her receptionist job in the afternoon.
She is a good wife.
And loves Robert.
Brian had an amazing opportunity this summer.
He went to Italy for a month
and stayed with Giovanni's family.
The language was a bit
of a barrier, but also a learning experience.
He had a wonderful time.
He loved meeting his cousins and hanging out with them.
Thanks so free flights and lots of sky miles that we had been saving,
for years and years,
he was able to go.
We could have never afforded it if we had to really pay for it.
And it helps having a place to stay while you're there!
Before Brian went to Italy, we took a few days and went to
Rochester NY, and Palymra NY.
We went to the sacred grove.
What an amazing experience it was there.
Sacred ground for sure.
We also saw the Hill Cumorah pageant.
It was beautiful.
We had the opportunity to go to
Niagara Falls.
A true wonder of the world.
When Brian came home I went to NYC to pick him up.
We stayed with a friend (Michelle and family)
for a few days.
We went to the
Ground Zero Memorial, Impressive and sacred.
The Statue of Liberty
Time Square
Little Italy.
It was a fun few days.
Now we are back and into the school routine.
I can't believe Brian is a sophomore.
He turned 16 the end of September.
He drives now.
That freaks me out.
But he is a good driver.
And a good boy.
Basketball tryouts were last week.
He made the team.
He will probably sit JV as well.
Hopefully he will play some too.
But he is on the sophomore team
and I can't wait for games to start.
Financially speaking it has  been a rough
few months.
Giovanni finally bit the bullet and got a second job.
It is part time.
He will be working for jetBlue.
just like me.
The next month will be rough.
He has training every day
after his
we won't see him much, and he will be very tired.
Exhausted actually.
But he can do it.
And we need it.
It least he will be working from home.
And the days that he is tired,
I can work for him.
It will be a team effort!
He is a good man.
I love him.
I'm blessed to have him in my life.
The End.

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