November 16, 2014


As many of you know.
The last time I wrote I was looking for my
biological mother.
I had some non identifying information,
but that was all.
Well, about three weeks ago the most amazing thing happened.
I found her!
I can't tell you all the feelings that I felt.
And every other imaginable feeling.
I was to afraid to make first contact.
For many reasons, obviously.
I asked my father if he would call,
and he did.
(I love that man!)
He ended up talking to my brother.
And I have another brother, Ian and a sister, Michelle.
Michael called me later that evening an we spoke on the phone for about an hour.
The story that Kathy (my biological mother)
is telling is a bit different from what the adoption papers tell...
but I understand why.
After a few more days and some texting
I spoke with Kathy
(my biological mother)
on the phone.
It was the weirdest thing.
There is this whole other family.
Well, they are family, but to me they are strangers.
But a friendship is slowly developing
between Michael and I.
I have yet to speak with Ian and Michelle.
Not sure when that will happen.
This is something that needs to be taken slowly
and handled with care.
I am thankful.
I know where I come from now.
And that is a lot.
I also know that my
father and mother
were the ones
who were to be my parents
and raise me.
I have a good life.
I am blessed.

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