February 5, 2014


Trying to write it least once a month! I should add some pictures, but everything is on my phone. I'll have to make a point to download a few to post the next time I write.

Things have been so crazy the moth of January. At work we have had OT almost the whole month. This year winter has been brutal back east. The first week of January was terrible because it was also when everyone was traveling for the holidays. I've decided that working for the airlines is not for the weak at heart. Sometimes you need to stand your ground and customers don't always like that. Just a suggestion for anyone who ever has to call in to any company where you deal with a customer service rep on the phone. BE NICE....yes, I'm saying that with a loud stern voice. Yelling and demanding to have your way will not help your case...in fact, it could backfire on you! You are more likely to win with honey and kindness then being rude and demanding...and if you're calling in to an airline, be extra nice because you have no idea what the person on the other end has been dealing with. You have your flight problem...but we have dealt with 100's of flight problems before we get to yours...we are trying and doing our best. In fact, I should be working some OT right now, but wanted to do this first...some mental relaxation first, before I go deal with mean, crazy, yelling customers...There not all like that, in fact..most of them are OK...I'm just tired, and so over winter.

School is going great for Brian! Things seem to be working out and I'm glad. He seems happy again. I hope he really is. I've realized that the saying "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is so true...Karma people! It's true! And in high school even more so.

Basketball season is just about over. PHS freshmen finished there season 19-0! It was a great year. There is a tournament this weekend and next week..and by Wednesday night it will be all over. I think it might be hard for the boys..one of their players on the team didn't get his grades up, so he is ineligible to play, and the other one plays up to Varsity and won't be at two of the games. Of course, they are two of the starters and best players. I understand the kid that plays up...Varsity is more important than freshman, and they have games on two of the nights that we play.....but, the kid with the grades...Man, he is such a good kid. Nice, funny, pleasant to be around...but he chooses to not to school work. I get it. Some of the classes are hard and some kids struggle...but ask for help. I'm sure there are plenty of people that would help him. But it is too late when you wait until the last week of the term. What is sad is that it goes on his transcripts that he failed some classes, and he let himself down, and the team down. I'm sure it is hard for him sitting by and watching. Maybe that will be enough to make him understand that he needs to be on top of it all the time. I hope so. It is sad seeing him sit on the bench while the other kids play!

We've been talking/thinking/joking about sending Brian to Italy, alone, to visit family. We have had this discussion several times over the past few years...but he was always to young, or there wasn't the money, or there was a wedding, or basketball, or something. Well...we did it! We bought him his ticket. He is going to Italy for 24 days this summer. I can't believe that we are really doing it. We are letting him go! As of right now he really doesn't speak a word of Italian. He can understand a few things, but not much. My friend Stephanie let us borrow a computer program that helps with learning Italian...we are going to start using it this week!! We will start on his passport next week...and we, including him. are starting to save for his spending money while he is there! The family is so excited that he is coming! They can't wait to see him. He was 6 years old and going into first grade the last time he was there...He's changed a bit since then! I know that he is so excited to go as well. It will be a wonderful experience for him and now he is old enough that he can really enjoy it.

I on the other hand won't sleep for 24 days! I told my BIL that I must really trust him if I'm letting my "baby" go and spend time there with them. Thank goodness for technology and iPhone's...It will make me feel better knowing that I can get in touch with him and vice versa. Not like the olden days of letter by mail and costly phone calls.

Well..off to work I go. This was a great therapy session/stress reliever. But now on to help the next customer!

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