December 3, 2012


It's been three years since this happened.
I can't believe that much time has past.
It seems like only yesterday we were waiting for the mailman to arrive.
I'll never forget the white envelope in my hands.
The tears were already rolling down my cheeks
 before it was even opened.
As a parent you hope and pray
that wherever your child goes they will be happy.
I remember thinking and silently hoping for Italy,
but to afraid to say it out loud.
If you know Robert then you can see the emotion
on his face as he read "Milan Italy Mission".
He told me later that he was holding back the tears
because the video was on.
I was so proud of Robert!
And so thankful that he made the choice to serve a mission.
Italy was so lucky to have him for two years!
But I'm so glad he's home!


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