November 12, 2012


I haven't blogged in almost a month. It has felt good to step away for a while and regroup my thought. The last time I thought of posting something was a few weeks ago. I was very upset at the time and wrote a long post about how other people were wrong and I was right. As you see, I didn't post it.
I still have some strong feelings about what happened, but it isn't important anymore. Actually, it wasn't important than either. Life is all about perceptions...and how the way that I view something may be different from you, but that doesn't mean that either of us is right or wrong...we just see things differently. Sometimes you just need to agree to disagree.
I'm just gonna throw this out there, and only write it once, so here goes. This blog is for me...if you choose to read it you can't be offended by the things I write, or take them personally. If I write about how great my kids are, or their accomplishments, or if I write about something our family did, or how terrible I am at being a isn't about's about me. Don't think I'm rubbing something in your face. If your family is having a hard time, or your kids aren't talking to you, or whatever the situation might be...I'm not writing my story to hurt PLEASE, don't be offended, or upset. There I wrote, it's over...and I can go on.

We have had weddings, mission farewells, Time Out For Women, movies, etc. There was the election. That was hard to swallow. I really had a hard time making a decision on who I should vote for. I didn't want to be one of those people who voted for Mitt Romney just because he is LDS. I wanted to make an informed choice. In the end I voted for the man who I thought could help our country the most, and he didn't win. I'm okay with it. Either way there would have been good and bad things. I just have to believe, like I do in all things, that the Lord knows what is best, and he sees the big picture. We just need to keep our families close to us and do the best we can within the four walls of our home. We will be okay. We will prevail.

Basketball season is upon us. Brian went through 3 long weeks of tryouts. Seems like a lot for 8th grade. But the high school coach does the choosing, because these boys are being primed for high school ball. Last year Brian made the A team, and did a great job. But this year there was a lot of new competition. It was hard. Very hard. In the end he made the A and B teams. Let me explain. You can only play up, you can't play down. The coach wants him to learn a new position, guard, instead of Big...and so he wants him to have more playing time so that he can learn the he will play on the A and B teams. There was some discussion that went on about this, and in the end they (the coaches felt this was best). He is the only player that was asked to dress for both teams. So we will be doing double duty this season. Good things both teams practice together!!

As for other brother, Dave, is here from Hawaii. We have spent a few days with him, and it has been nice to catch up. We are mending some broken fences and it seems to be going okay. It is amazing how our opinion about certain things is the same...Not sure if that is good or bad, but that is how it is.

This year our family won't be getting together for Thanksgiving. I will admit that I'm not to happy about it, but my dad and his wife made the choice, so, whatever....It is the first year that we don't spend it together as a family...of course not including missions or time spent living in Italy. Every year I have made the effort for us to be together as a family, because dad isn't getting any younger and I wanted the kids to have those memories with him....and I'm hurt by the fact that we aren't together. But....if that is what they choose. I'm not really sure where they will be or whom with....but,  I'm hurt. I know that I wrote that already, but I am. So many things have changed since my mom passed away, but there were a few last traditions I was trying to hold on to, and it seems that even those are slipping away. It is sad. And it is sad that Dad doesn't feel the need or have the desire anymore. I'm not really sure what the deal is, but his reasons are just an excuse to me. I wish that I had my old father back that I once knew. It seems that the man he is now is just a stranger to me and my family. We all see the difference, and we feel it too. I suppose the important thing is that he is happy. He was so sad and lonely after mom died. But it has been hard on the rest of us, in many different ways. We will be spending Thanksgiving with some dear family friends. We are so thankful to have them in our lives. They have a adopted us as one of their own and I will be forever thankful to them.  My children love them too....and we know that we are wanted there. to read a good book!

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