September 11, 2012


Life stood still that early September morning. Giovanni called me from work and woke me up telling me turn on the TV. Once I turned it on I wasn't able to turn it off. I couldn't pull myself away.
I am sure that my thoughts and feelings about that day are the same as so many other people. "How could someone do something like this?" "So many lives lost!",  etc..etc...etc...

It seemed as though time stood still...the world stopped turning. Everything was in slow motion. The tears slowly began to flow as I saw those two buildings crumble to the ground..watching people jump from windows, people run and cover for safely. What I was watching seemed like a movie, not reality.

Even now, 11 years later, my heart still aches and tears still swell. The pain is still raw. My heart and prayers go out to all those who suffered that day. There are children who grew up without parents, husbands and wives without their spouse, parents without children. Such a great loss.

Yet, I like to also remember what came out of this tragedy...the good. Because there was good.
As a country we united. More than I had seen in my life time. There was no political party separation. We were all Americans. United in one cause. And there were so many acts of kindness and service rendered. Prayers given. We put policy aside and united together for the cause of our great nation. To stand United, because United we were, and are.

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