February 26, 2012


I am feeling the same emotions that I felt two years ago today.


You might ask yourself...why was I feeling that way two years ago...
Well, here is a sneak peak into my past....

 Saying goodbye to Grandpa and Grandma Lorraine

 Goofing around with mom.
And mom not wanting to cry.

 Trying to squeeze in one last picture....

Saying goodbye to long time friends.
Adam and Robert have been friends since before kindergarten.

I'm feeling the same way today, because in 4 days our boy will be home. As I look back and think about Robert's farewell and all the wonderful family and friends that came to tell him goodbye and wish him well I am overwhelmed. It was such a special day. And we were able to spend it with special friends.
There were so many people who helped that day with preparing food, serving food, cleaning up afterwards, and just holding my hand and giving me hugs of love and encouragement.
But most of all there were so many dear friends of Robert's that were there to tell him goodbye. I remember how full our church was that day....I realized that Robert had touched so many people during his high school years. I knew then that he would do the same on his mission.

Now he is coming home...and I'm feeling the same way.
Today was his last Sunday in Italy as a missionary. I'm sure that he spoke and bore his testimony. He will spend then next few days bearing testimony and saying goodbye.

I know that his heart is as full as mine is. We are both thankful for so many things. And sad for so many things too. I know that he is already missing Italy and will miss it every day for the rest of his life...just like I do. He will have these experiences and memories tucked away in a corner of his heart and he will treasure them always. Just like I do.


Jamie said...

WHAT????????????????? He's coming home?!?!?!?! I know it's different for the mother, but that went by fast. What have I done with my life for the past 2 years? I hope good things! Congrats girl!!!!

Gram said...

It will be a great reunion! You have posted and blogged his whole experience for him. He will treasure that in years to come. Just remember that he has been on his own for two years and will want that continued freedom. Don' t expect the same young boy back as he is now a man! He has changed and grown by leaps and bounds. Enjoy, enjoy! It will be exciting for the three of you to have him back.