November 16, 2011


Today I am thankful for Wednesdays! It is the day we get emails from Robert Bona. We all look forward to waking up in the morning and reading his letters! My life for the past two years has not been measured from weekend to weekend, but from Wednesday to Wednesday! We only have 114 more days!

I never realized how long 2 years was until Robert left on his mission. 730 days is a long time. We are now down to 114! I can't believe the end is coming.
Most people live their lives counting from week to week. Sunday to Sunday or Friday to Friday. It use to be like that for us. But as of March 3, 2010 our weeks have been counted from Wednesday to Wednesday. The reason being...Wednesday is Robert's p-day! (Preparation day). That is the day that he gets to send his email home to us! We usually write to him sometime between Sunday and Tuesday night. Depending on what is going on, but we know that his emails arrive on Wednesday. I have to admit that since he got to Italy in May of 2010 I usually don't sleep well on Tuesday nights. Only because I'm anxious to get his letters and know how he is doing. I have since learned that I'm not alone. This phenomenon happens to a lot of other missionary moms as well...and fathers too. We all get up and either check our phones or computers to see if the email has arrived. We start checking around 3:30 AM and it continues throughout out the morning until around noon time when we loose all hope and know that it will come the next day. (Usually due to some training meeting, etc.) We have all learned not to worry and to pray continually. We love our missionaries!

You can go here and read, and you will understand why I am thankful for Wednesdays!


Michelle said...

Your boy is fantastic.

I'm sorry. 114 still seems like a long time! let's talk when you are under 100!

Michelle said...

and yes, we live Wednesday to Wednesday too. I read Ben's email out loud to Erik at 5:14 this morning!