February 4, 2011

Well, Hello.....

It has been forever since I last posted. I'm not even sure what has happened in the last 2 weeks.
Let me think...oh yeah, work, work, and more work.....

Some of my friends have asked me where I spend my days...so I took some pics of my small work desk...the pictures aren't the best because they were taken while I was working...and I hadn't straightened up my desk in days....but here it is......

We also have gone to the temple twice in two weeks. Those two Wednesday's were the best. One day we went with my dad and Lorraine and did sealings. We did about 70 names. It was a very special day. Then we took them out to lunch. And yesterday we went with Tom and Joyce and then out to lunch with them.
What a fantastic way to spend the day. I only wish I had the time to do that more often.

About a week or so ago there was the Science Fair at school. Brian was so cute...he had made the comment the night before about how he didn't want to go to District/Region and then to State again like he did last year. If that is the case then he shouldn't do a great project with bacteria and petri dishes and disinfectants. Because out of the possible 300 pts he got 288...and he is going to District/Region. He really did do a great job! We are so proud of him.

Brian, Kache, and some other friends

The other night one of our friends came over with their sweet little boys. He is such a good baby...
Brian really loves him.

Robert was transferred to Milano on the 12th of January. He loves it there and seems happy. I can't believe that he has been gone for almost one year. It is crazy how time has gone by so fast!
And as usual we have been busy with basketball practices and games with Brian. And we love it!

In other news:

My brother Dave and his wife Sherrie are moving to Hawaii. They will be leaving in a few weeks. They are going on a lot of faith and I hope that it all works out for them. Kinda' scary when you don't have much to go to...but not much to stay here for either....ALOHA and GOOD LUCK!


In a letter that Robert wrote to us recently he told us about how he was praying for something and in that moment as he was praying he felt something that he says he will never forget for the rest of his life. He expressed how he felt afterwards, etc. I wish I could explain it all here, but it was a personal experience of his. But the thing that impressed me so much was the fact of how our Father in Heaven knows our needs and He is right there. Ready and Willing to answer and to comfort us in our hour/moment of need.
All we need to do is get on our knees and ask.

Our home teacher came this past week...and his message had to to with missionary work and prayer. Two things very dear to my heart. As we spoke he made the comment that we need to be more specific when we pray so that it is easier to see the hand of the Lord at work in our lives or the lives of others.

I have really tried to do that, and from Robert's letter....I saw the Lord at work.
How thankful I am to know that there is someone greater than I watching over my son, and who is there to comfort him, guide him in his missionary service, and to answer his simple supplications.

And how thankful I am to know that the same Father in Heaven listens to the nightly prayers of a mother praying for her children.

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