December 21, 2010


This past Friday there was a tragedy here in Provo. The Tabernacle caught fire. The roof fell in and the building is now saturated with water, snow, smoke, ash, etc. It took the fire fighters over 2 days to get the fire completely out. They still don't know if the exterior is structurally sound to rebuild or not.
For the past 11 years we have gone to this building every six months for Stake Conference as well as other special meeting and concerts. It was a landmark in our community so full of memories. The building was built in the late 1800's by the pioneers who settled here in Utah and the Provo area.

This is one of the pictures that the fire fighters were able to save.
A picture of Christ at the Second Coming....
to help us all remember that there is ALWAYS HOPE

We sure will miss this special building...and we hope that it can be salvaged and brought back to its original beauty.

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Jamie said...

Oh my word, this is terrible! I had no idea. This is one of the most beautiful buildings!!!
I love catching up on your blog!
Thanks also for the kind words you've left me. You're a great friend!
Merry Christmas!