December 21, 2010


Merry Christmas!

Let me start right off with writing about Brian. He is 12 now! Where did the time go? He was just a baby and now he is a 5'5" 119 lb size 12 shoe kid. He almost looks me straight in the eye! And every time he does I get a smile on my face.
He did ballroom dance this past year and his team won the gold medal for their age. He played football and realized that it is a fun sport and he still loves to watch it, but has discovered that his true love is basketball. He is now on 2 teams and keeps us pretty busy between practices and games.  He is in 6th grad now and does great in school. He is in pre-Algebra and seems to be doing well. His teachers all say he is a great kid and a smart student. I could have told them that! The braces are coming along and hopefully in 6 more months they will be off. Brian got the priesthood this past September when he turned 12 and takes his responsibilities very seriously. I am so glad that he realizes the importance and does his best. He received his Tenderfoot in BSA and is working on his 2nd and 1st class badges as well as merit badges. He is a fun loving happy kid who loves video games, hanging out with friends, going to movies, and loves to laugh. Most of all I love being able to wake him up every morning for school and to tell him I love him!

Robert left for his mission to Milan Italy on March 3. He spent 2 months in the Provo MTC and has been in Italy since May 5. It has been a joy to receive his letters, pictures, and small videos. To hear him speak in Italian has brought tears to our eyes and joy in our hearts. We are seeing him become a fine man. He has changed in so many different ways and we are so proud of him. He served in SanRemo through the summer months, and has now been in Alessandria for the past 3 1/2 months. He has been a trainer for the past 1 1/2 months with a new missionary to train/teach. He has loved it! Also in Alessandria he has had the opportunity to see Giovanni's brother, Pino. That was such a special experience for Robert. To actually be able to talk to his uncle in Italian! We are proud or Robert and his choices and the example that he is to each one of us and for the spirit that his letters bring into our home. We are so looking forward to talking to him on Christmas morning! (It has been a long time since Mother's Day!)

For Giovanni and I it has been a year of downs and ups. Giovanni lost his job the end of February, right before Robert left...and didn't start a new one until May. It was a stressful time for our family. However the blessings that we say during those months, and the peace that we felt deep down inside helped us to realize that our Father in Heaven is mindful of us and our needs. And the blessings do come and will come..but we need to endure, and endure it well. Gio now commutes to SLC everyday, but we bought a natural gas car, and could be worse...the winter time is the hardest with the snow...but we are thankful that he has a job. He was also called to be in the Sunday School presidency a few months back. It has been a wonderful calling for him, and our family. Gio is a great dad! He loves to write his weekly emails to Robert. And he can be found playing ball with Brian, or video games, or going to his practices with him to support him. He does so much for our family and I feel blessed every day that he is my husband and the father to our sons.
I am still with JetBlue Airways. I love my job...seriously! And I LOVE working from home. What a wonderful blessing this job has been. I have become spoiled. I love going to Brian's sport games, doing the carpool thing, making dinner, learning to make bread, pizza, and cakes this year (thanks to the KitchenAid that Gio bought me). I love blogging, going on the social network of Facebook and keeping in touch with friends, reading friends blogs. I love my calling in church as a visiting teaching supervisor, and I love the sisters that I get to visit. I also love writing weekly emails to Robert, and waking up to his on Wednesday mornings! I also thankful for the few times we have "chatted" via emails in the wee morning hours. this special time of year we hope to sit back and reflect on the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate. We are so thankful for our Savior...and to a Father in Heaven that loved each one of us so much that He sent his Son to that one day each one of us could return to Him.

As this Christmas season we want to express our love to each one of you! We hope that 2010 has been a wonderful year for each one of you, and that 2011 will be even better. May the Lord bless you with His love and light this holiday season....

With all our Love,
Giovanni, Judi, Robert, and Brian

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