December 8, 2010


We have been so busy the past few days, it's been crazy.
Brian has had several basketball games...and his team has won all 3 of them! Brian is doing a great job and having a lot of fun. He is playing on a competition team/league...and the only bad thing about it is that he is playing on a Timpview HS team. They are Provo HS #1 it has been interesting. But like we tell him. Until high school who cares. For now it is practice! That is the main thing!

Last Thursday I went to the Festival of Trees in SLC with my friend and her daughter. We had a great time. There were so many amazing trees there. I  can't put them all here, but I will try to choose a few of my favorites.

Wizard of OZ

all holiday balls

this just reminded me of my mom...she had one of these for the table top, they come from Germany


surfing Santa....this one was amazing

Then on Friday night we went to the Jazz game. Before the game we were able to go down in front and watch the players practice and warm up for about an hour (connections baby!). It was fun! Brian got several signatures for his hat: D-Will, Al Jefferson, Raja Bell, Gordon Hayward,  CJ Miles, and someone names Evans....The Jazz lost to the Mavericks, but we still had a blast!

Al Jefferson


Coach Jerry Sloan

Raja Bell

Jazz Dancer-one of the best parts for Brian....LOL!
He's taller than she is!

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