September 12, 2010


What an amazing evening we had last night, and all thanks to facebook!

A few months before Robert left on his mission Giovanni was able to locate the Elder that baptized him. Anziano Jenkins....
We had already been in contact with Anziano Moss ( who lives in Orem).

Moss was able to come to Robert's farewell,
and it was a special experience to have him there.
However Jenkins lives in Idaho and had other obligations so he was not able to attend.

Thursday night I was on facebook and Lorin gets on and we start chatting...
and he starts saying funny things like...what are your plans this weekend...
and we should come surprise Gio with icecream for his b-day.
In the course of 10 minutes it was decided that they were going to make a quick trip down to Utah
and we were included in the people they wanted to see.

All that Gio knew what that someone "special" was coming to dinner.
We cleaned, cooked, etc and Gio kept asking...

Then, the doorbell rang...
and we had a wonderful 4 hrs together to get to know one another (again)
and to talk about the mission, experiences, etc...
It was a wonderful evening and one that we will never forget.
We have decided that next summer we will need to make a quick trip to Idaho.
We've never been there so it will be a fun trip!

Thank you so much Lorin and Kristy for taking the time to come and see Gio and I
and for your friendship and kindness.

All because of a few young men who made the choice to serve the Lord and preach the gospel...
Gio and I are married, in the temple.
We have a wonderful family and great kids.
And now Robert is in Italy serving the Lord as Italy!

One person really can make a difference.

This is when Gio and his mother Rosaria were baptzied.
Feb 1981
There was no electricity in the church that night,
so they were baptized in cold water and by candlelight.

Lorin and Kristy Jenkins

Kristy, Lorin and Giovanni

Lorin and Giovanni
together again after 30 years

Thank you Lorin!!!

And as a side note...Brian fell in love with their Mustang GT!
Thank you for taking him for a ride.
He will be talking about it for a long time!!!

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