August 26, 2010


Talk about taking one for the team....Remember those pictures from the last post and how I wrote that it looks worse than what the pictures show (regarding Brian's arm)?
Well...yesterday Gio and I went looking for some pads for Brian...and the prices are crazy. there really a price when it comes to protecting your kid...? No.
So we went and picked Brian up from his friends house and he starts complaining about the elbow. gotta know Brian..he can sometimes milk things a bit, so we were like...yeah yeah, you're the same time you think....What If?
So, before spending such a crazy amount on pads, etc lets go to the doctor to have it checked out. We have a credit there so it won't cost hardly anything. So off we go!
After waiting in the waiting room for 45 minutes, because we don't have an appointment and have to wait to be squeezed in (the last appointment of the day)...after x-rays and some strange movements of the arm and some interesting faces made by Brian...the doctor shows us the x-ray and says there are a few small signs that show that the elbow could be fractured...not bad, but a fracture none the less!
What?! Are you kidding me??? How much have we spent on this football, and there hasn't even been one game yet!! Oh well!
So, Brian is out for 2 weeks, and possibly up to 6 weeks! But he is gonna stick it out and still go to practice, just no contact. He will work out and support the team, and learn the plays the best he can, and we will see in two weeks!
Not the best way to start the season..but it's all good! Now I don't have to worry about him "really" getting hurt!

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Cheryl said...

ACK! That's so sad! I hope it heals quickly...