March 17, 2010

Ballroom and Letters with Pictures

We had a fun weekend.
We went up to my work in SLC last week to see Leo the Lion and the MLS Championship cup for Real Salt Lake! Then out to a yummy lunch/dinner at Cheesecake Factory. (I love coupons and discount cards!)

Then on Saturday we went to the ballroom national's competition at BYU. For the team match at the State level Westridge got a gold medal! Brian was thrilled. Over all they came in 2nd place so they didn't get the trophy, but the medal made him happy! He did a super job!

Then on Sunday we went to another missionary farewell. It is so exciting to see Robert's friends go on missions! How lucky to be in a place where everyone you associate with has the same desire and goal!
Next week we start soccer season and it is the regional science fair. Lots to do!!! It's good we keep busy that way!
Also, we got a letter from our missionary today!
He is doing amazing!

If you would like to read his letter and see more pictures, go here.


Jamie said...

Congrats to Brian! That's really cool!
And I have to ask... Do you ever sneak up to the MTC to catch a glimpse of your missionary? I think I'd have full spy gear? I mean he's minutes away, it would be so easy to steak it out! lol

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

Oh Jamie...the temptation, you have no idea! Especially now that we know when he usually does his temple session on p-day and their temple walks on Sunday afternoon. At some time in the future I'm sure that satan will tempt us enough to where we will fall :)
probably his last week here. We have 7 more to go!