January 7, 2010


It has sure been a busy week for it being the first one of the year. We have taken down all the Christmas decorations and gotten the house back to normal. There was house cleaning to do and laundry to catch up on (that I'm still doing now). Also there were still a few more pictures and visa and passport pictures for Robert to take and send off. I think that by the end of the week all of that will be taken care of.
Robert got a letter from his mission president telling him about Italy and the mission. He is ready to go. I think these 3 months have been long for him. Today he went to PT for his finger. He is now able to take his brace off for showers and he loved that. He has another exercise to do and says that it is a bit uncomfortable, but progress is being made and that is the most important thing!
Brian started Jr Jazz practice over Christmas vacation and has his first game on Saturday. We are looking forward to a new season. He has his first ballroom dance competition in a few weeks and is excited about that (he is taking ballroom as his fine arts choice in school this year and loves it!) We also have been looking for Science Fair projects for him as well. I have a feeling that when Robert leaves we will still be busy, but that is good so we won't miss him as much! All Brian can say is, "I get Robert's room and his bed!"...LOL
Gio and I are busy with work, church, home, kids, etc. The usual. Work for me will get hectic in the weeks to come. We will be switching over to a new computer system and it will keep us busy for a while. Remember all the training at 530 in the morning in SLC, well, the big day is about here! Thank goodness that I love my job.
It is great because for the next for months I'm able to go to church without having to find people to cover for me, thanks to my new schedule.
This next week Robert will be 19 and more "presents"....missionary stuff like watch, camera, etc...then suits in the near future....oh my this boy is costing us $$$$, but worth it!
The weather has been cold and terrible air quality. It is winter in Utah! I'm not ready for spring yet, but I think I will be soon. Someone asked if January was a sad and depressing month, but I really like January. I love the newness of a new year, and it is Robert's b-day, our anniversary (20 yrs this year), and I am looking forward to all the changes that will occur within our family this year!
2010...bring it on, we're ready for it!

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