April 13, 2009

Things I Love that start with "I"

About a week ago I was tagged and I am finally getting around to it today. It has been much harder than I thought it would be. My friend thought that the letter "I" would be great for me because of my family and life, but instead I have stayed awake at night thinking about this. Finally today I think that I'm ready to post.


I really loved the movie. I was actually surprised because Robert Downey Jr. has never been one of my favorite actors, but I think he did a really good job and the action was great and I liked the end of the movie...I'm really looking forward to #2.


After I graduated from high school I went to Rexburg, Idaho to Ricks College. I have to say that I really loved it there. I might not have done as well as I had liked in class, but I found myself and during that time I realized that I wanted to serve a mission. I remember some sister missionaries came to talk on Sunday at church and when they were done speaking I realized that I wanted to serve a mission. I had to wait a few years until I was old enough, but I never forgot about those sister missionaries and when the time came and I finally went I remembered them and the spirit I felt and wanted to share that with others.


This might seem like something dumb - but I love the Internet for so many reasons. It has been a way for me to connect with friends from my past and to keep in touch with them. My kids can do school projects with out having to go to the library (though that might not be a bad idea sometime. Do they even know what an index card is?) We have been able to do genealogy right from our home. I can do on line banking and pay bills, check my kids school grades. What an amazing tool/gift we have.


I love ice. I know that may seem weird, but I could chew on it all day long! Add a bit of diet Pepsi and the ice is even better. When I get a glass of pop it is 85% ice and 15% pop...or water, or whatever is in the glass...I just love ICE, especially after it sits for about 30-45 minutes. That is when it is the best!


I really live going to the IKEA store. They have such amazing ideas of how to decorate your home and they give you great ideas for storage, etc. I could spend all day in there. Especially since I live in a small townhouse. The ideas they have are perfect for me.


Who doesn't love Idol? I so look forward to Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. It is my relax time. (Especially now that ER is off the air on Thursdays!) This year it has been really fun and some of the talent is amazing. I am counting on my two favorites to be there at the end, Danny and Adam...then....I don't know!


I'm using the American word, ice cream, just so that I can fit it in the "I" category. I do love ice cream. Especially mint with the girl scout cookies or with oreos. Those are my favorites. But I also love Italian ice cream, or as they call it, Gelato! There is nothing like it!! If you've never tried it, go to Il Maestro Cafe on Center St in Provo next to Los Hermanos. It is to die for!!!


What better animated movie is there. It is the all time favorite at my house. We love it! Mr. Incredible is my hero and his wife ain't half bad either!!! And Jack Jack is great! Every time I watch that show it makes me laugh and I feel so good when it's done. Isn't that what a movie is suppose to do????


You are listening to it now as you read this blog post. I could listen to it all day long, every day. My favorite singer is Claudio Baglioni (that is who is singing now). I have loved him since my mission when I first heard him. I always wanted to see him in concert, but when we lived in Italy we didn't have the money to go. And finally a little over a year ago he was in New Jersey at the Tropicana and Giovanni took me there for a 2 1/2 day trip so that I could see him. It was amazing! I actually went up to the stage while he was singing and he shook my hand! I felt like a teenager all over again.


What can I say~ I save the best for last. I love ITALY! I love all things Italian. I love the people, the food, the culture, the music, the beach, the history, everything. I loved living in Italy and being an Italian. I love speaking Italian, reading Italian...I just love Italy. I feel so blessed that I married and Italian and we lived in Messina, Italy and that we can go back and visit and that Italy is a part of our children's heritage. If I'd never gone on a mission to Italy I would have never met Giovanni and our family wouldn't be...


Cheryl said...

It's funny, but the other day at Deseret Book there was a woman speaking very beautiful Italian (and she looked Italian, you know?) and some blond/blue-eyed chick also speaking Italian. I figured it must have been one of those missionary-with-the-friend-from-the-mission things. I was *this* close to saying "L'Italiano?" but I stopped myself and said "Italian?" and they nodded and I smiled. I figured it wouldn't be prudent to strike up a conversation since the only things I know how to say in Italian are: "Would you like to come up to my place for a drink? Wine or beer?"

Love your list. :)

AngeeBee said...

It is great to have 'heard' from you on our blog! I can hardly believe that your children are grown and making such grand decisions already! (I am not sure how they grew while we are still SO young!)

We do move back to Texas soon - and I noted on your blog that your family traveled to Texas. I am sorry that we missed you while you were there!

We look forward to keeping in touch!

Lots of love from Mexico!

Laylabean said...

Love your list! I had plans to go to Italy several years ago and ended up having to stay home. I'm still disappointed - it's one of the places I most want to visit.

I am an internet junkie too. What did we ever do without it? And ice cream?? I grew up on a dairy farm, loving ice cream was practically mandatory.

*whispers* I don't like Idol though.