February 1, 2009


Family and friends...I have to say that our family enjoys the change that allows Judi to be a "full time" stay at home mom! We have been very busy during this season applying for scholarships and waiting for answers from the different colleges that Robert applyed to. Well...finally we have received answers and Robert will need to choose between the Utes, The Cougars, or the Aggies. What's it gonna be? We will found out pretty soon but we are very proud of Robert accomplishments.


The Loyo Family said...

Good luck. That is so cool that he got in to those schools. You guys must be very proud.

Jamie said...

utah state hey aggies all the way... go aggies, go aggies hey, hey, hey!!!
(i went to utah state and LOVED it. didn't learn a lot, but had a great time) lol
all 3 schools are great choices. good luck to you guys. very exciting!!!

The Jeffs Family said...

Congrats Robert--3 great choices! Enjoy your college years! They go so quickly and are sooooo fun!