April 7, 2008

Hi again..still haven't figured out the picture thing, but I did put in a profile today..so I'm making progress. Thanks to all of you who have offered to help out! I'll be calling SOON! Gio did take a look at how it is done, and seems to have a preety good idea, so I will be attempting the picture thing in the next few days!
Robert has a lot of homework for school this week, so he is busy on the computer!

Can you believe that it is April 7th and it snowed today in Utah Valley!!! I am so ready for spring. But like they say, if you don't like the weather in Utah wait 5 minutes and it will change.
The only good thing about this snow was that it stayed in the mountains. What we had down here in the valley melted by the end of the day! Thankgoodness.

See you all later!

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