March 22, 2011


Man...when we get tempted...we REALLY get tempted.
Last week Robert gave us his cell phone number to give to his Zio (Uncle) Nicola who lives in Forli'. They were going to try and hook up to see one another...
Wow, to know that he is just one phone call away. But I didn't do it. I wouldn't do it.
Obedience is the first law of missionary work...but oh what a temptation.

And now I was just on facebook with my niece, Silvia..she is probably about 24 or so now...and she said that tomorrow for p-day Robert and his companion are taking the train to Forli' and will be there at noon..which is 5 AM here (they don't have daylight savings until this Sunday the 27th)....Oh we go again...another phone call away. But I won't do, I can't do it. Remember that word...

But I am so glad to have family nearby that can see him and spend time with him and TALK to him. Actually carry on a conversation without someone in the middle to translate. This will be the first time since Robert was 3 that they will talk without a translator! How cool is that!

I can't wait to get pictures and hear all about it! I'm sure it will be a great day!
What tender mercies the Lord gives to us...what a blessing.


Jamie said...

I've underestimated you! That takes REAL strength to not call him. I know I wouldn't have been able to stop myself. Nice job Judi!!!
What a blessing for Robert to have learned Italian. Very cool!!!

Michelle said...

I would be extremely tempted! But the thought of him talking to his relatives in Italian makes me smile.