October 18, 2010


Yeah...I know I'm a Christmas geek. I really do hate it when people rush the seasons...but!
I feel so bad. I haven't even put out one Halloween decoration and don't know if I will. Not because I don't like Halloween, but I just don't want to decorate.
Then it will be Thanksgiving. I am not really sure what we will be doing that day.
I was able to get off work that day and the day after, and I don't work the day before...so I'll be off while Brian is on vacation from school, and that is a good thing. We don't know yet if Gio will have to work that day or not.  So...we'll see. This might be the first year that he doesn't go to the annual "Turkey Bowl" and play football with all the men/boys in the ward. If he doesn't go I don't know if Brian will want to go without him. We'll have to wait and see as it gets closer.
Thank goodness for our "other family". They have already invited us to spend the day with them and said that Brian could go to their "Bowl" game. We feel so blessed to have them as friends. They know our family situation and are so kind to always let us know that we are welcome with them. However....Christmas...that is something else entirely...I can't wait.

Not for the presents, but the decorations, the music, the feeling that it brings. And also the phone call that will come with that special day!
It will be so good to actually talk to Robert on that day. We will have one wonderful hour to talk to him! That will be the best present of all. (And of course spending Christmas Eve with our "other family" has become a great tradition.)
As I sit here writing this post I'm actually listening to Christmas music. I know, I know, don't rush the season. The only reason that I am is because I'm sending him a few Cd's with music for the holiday's so...while I'm here I might as well get an "antipasto" (appetizer) of things to come.
The weather is slowly changing and feeling more fall/winterish....there is suppose to be rain, etc today and the leaves have turned orange/red/yellow and are slowly falling off the branches.  So bring it on! I'm ready for it!
And I know that some people will think that I'm crazy, but I kinda like to shovel snow too. It is kind of relaxing g for me. No, I wouldn't want to do it for my "job", but every once in a while...it is kinda nice!
This weekend I actually went and bought Brian sweat pants, and a ski jacket. And it was 70 degrees outside. How wild is that...and it is the middle of October!!!

As a side note....I was on facebook yesterday and one of our 2/3 cousin's who lives in Alessandria where Robert is serving right now told us that she actually went to the church and met him yesterday. And once he is back in town they are going to get together! She said that he spoke really well and that she was surprised at how well he did, considering that 7 months ago he didn't speak at all. She said that the grammar needs a bit of improvement...but that will come with time...I still mess up after 23 years! But it was exciting to hear. That is another reason we are excited to talk to him. We want to speak to him in Italian...

Also, Brian was gone for the weekend. It was fall break and Gio and I had to work, but he went to Park City, with the Rhineer's and had a blast! It was so nice of them to invite him along. However...can I just say that the house was so very quiet! It was nice, but at the same time...we really missed him and it was so nice when he walked through the front door and was home. I'm not ready to be an empty nester just yet...

Some one told me this weekend that I'm a typical Italian "Mamma". I don't know if that is a compliment or not...but I'll take it. I love those two boys, any Giovanni. They are everything to me.

Happy October!

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