June 11, 2010


I know several people who go to therapy for different reasons...and to different types of therapy: physical, mental, etc....
I am no doctor and I know that some people really do need therapy and I would never, never, ever put myself in a position to judge any of them. Even I went through a period of time, years ago, when I went to a therapist...I'm sure many of you have heard his name before: Lynn Scoresby. He was a good man and helped a lot. I don't think that he solved all my issues, maybe too because I wouldn't let him...I was young and afraid. And I thought I was crazy and didn't want to be. My mother went with me a few times, but mainly she drove me so that I would actually go to my appointments.
(I say that with a big smile on my face).
Then when I was in the MTC I went to a therapist there...some of the earlier "issues" hadn't be resolved...well...I can't remember the mans name who I saw, but I remember what he looked like, and I remember his soft soothing voice. He mainly helped me to deal with my stress issues and my self worth issues.
He would tell me to find my "happy place" and go there and relax and take a break. We worked a lot on techniques to help me stay calm and to also like myself.
He helped me A LOT! And as sit here writing his name has just come to my mind. Brother Peterson. At the time his office was where the International Office is at the MTC...wow, where did that memory come from???
I will forever be thankful to him, because he really did help me find my "happy place" and to like me. Of course there have been times when I have liked myself more than other times, but overall, I'm okay with me.
I feel blessed to have served my mission in Italy and to have met Giovanni. It really was destiny...I will save that story for another time, but I will write about it too.....
Brother Peterson also told me to write and to express myself...to let out what I feel inside..and that would help me.
Why am I writing all this you ask?? Because a few days ago I was asked by someone why do I blog? Do people even read my blog, does anyone really care what I write? My answer to her was, I don't know who reads it, and if no one does that is okay...it is my "therapy". It is my "happy place". I love to do it. I like to change the backgrounds, find music, add pictures, write about my family and kids. It makes me feel good. That is why I do it...for therapy. I think that everyone needs a "happy place" and this is mine.
I don't write everything personal that happens in my life, but I write what I want and feel to write. I'm not much of a journal keeper, so this is my journal. This is my legacy that I leave to all those that read. And I plan on doing it as long as I can because it makes me happy and brings me joy!
That is why I blog!


Tweet said...

Well said, Judi!!

Ryan and Alicia Voigts said...

I LOVE it!!!

Cristy said...

That's awesome Judy! I feel very similar about my own blog. What a wonderful way to share with others AND do family history!