April 8, 2010


I don't get it...I just don't get it! Why when everything seems to be going okay (not great, but okay) does something happen and someone puts a stick in my wheel spokes and the tire stops turning! I just don't get it!
These past few months, considering Giovanni loosing his job, Robert leaving on a mission, dental work, cobra payments (due to no health insurance due to no job), dental bills, ortho appointments and bills, and just life in general and all that comes with it....we have been doing well.
We have really tried to have patience, kindness and love in our hearts, faith, bear out situation well, and rely on the Lord knowing that things will work out and all will be okay. Deep down inside somewhere in the depths of my soul I still feel that, however on the surface, may I just say that the past 24 hrs have been hard! Almost more that I or Giovanni can stand! We have felt like we don't want to play this game any more...it isn't fun, and we don't feel like we are winning! Okay, so winning isn't always the most important thing, I get it, but...it least give us a chance.
I can't really get into the details of things (sorry about that!) but, the next week or so are going to be stressful....but, I KNOW that it will all be okay, whatever happens!
We were suppose to get a letter from Robert on Wednesday, but he mailed it late and it didn't come until today..you know why????? because the Lord knew that we would NEED it today to lift our spirits! How can life go wrong when you have a son serving a mission and praying for you every day!? And another son at home who has hugs waiting to share and a prayer waiting to be offered!? Those are the things that are worth it all. In that sense...we are winning!! In the game that really counts.
Robert's letter was great and he enclosed a wonderful thought by Pres Eyring and the letter was great too. Go here to read.
Sorry for the complaining....just had to let it out somewhere!


Ry + Alicia Voigts said...

Totally just gave me chills reading this. I know how life can be. Hang tight... that missionary of yours is your brightest blessing of hope in life as far as blessings are concerned. Love ya!!! Let me know if you need ANYTHING! I mean it too... XOXO

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

thank you so much alicia...you are so sweet, kind, sincere, and thoughtful...if only others were the same....and you're right about that elder!

Anonymous said...