April 15, 2010


This past weekend we had the opportunity to go to Primary Children's Hospital and visit the daughter of a friend of ours. She was diagnosed with cancer about 5 yrs ago at the age of 11. When we went to see her this past weekend she was a 16 yr old girl weighing only 65 lbs...and slowly leaving this life, and entering into a new world....
It was such a moving experience. She passed away on Monday evening. For only having spent a few short moments with her, she impacted my life in a huge way. For many different reasons. She never gave up! She lived her life to the fullest. She was happy and wanted others to be happy as well. It was so obvious by all the high school students that were at the hospital that she was a friend to everyone and they all loved her. I admired her friends who came to visit. They didn't run, but stayed right there with their friend until the very end.
It also made me think about my life and my friends and family. Especially my children. Life isn't suppose to be a parent burying their child... yet that is what happened here.
Her family will have many wonderful memories of her and the short time that they spent together. They made sure it was quality time.
I hope that as a parent that is what I have done and am doing...making sure the time I have spent and spend with my children is quality time and that they know how much I love them. I don't want for them to ever doubt that love!
I find so much joy in their accomplishemnts and their happiness. I cry with them when they are sad, and laugh with them when they are happy. I hope they know that everyday I pray for them and their success as well as for them to have strength with their struggles. I also pray to know how to be a better parent.
When my mother passed away I remembered all the wonderful times we had together...those memories are priceless. They are all that I really have left....and I am so thankful that I know how much my mother loved me. I want for my boys to know that too!
Brian is growing into a fine young man, and Elder Bona is doing great on his mission.
I sure love those boys.
And I sure love their father! Without him there would be no them and no us!
Thank you Gio for such a wonderful life and family!!!

Go here to find out how Elder Bona is doing.....

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